Media Stand SBA5329 by Porter International Designs
Talented artisans in India created this beautiful entertainment stand for your home, providing you with a unique piece that tells a story. With a colorful, weathered patina, and fun retro vibe, Route 66 is a perfect match for today's modern home. The reclaimed nature of its construction grants a lightly planed but uneven surface with an incredible amount of character; your television will sit flat, but you can run your hand over the surface to experience the unique feel of this one-of-a-kind piece and wonder what each plank was in its former life. This piece is reclaimed and reinvented, adding character and principle to what would other be a simple piece of furniture, turning it into a work of art. Created from sustainably certified wood to help protect the world's forests, this piece is eco-friendly. It is handcrafted right down to the hardware and hinges using ancient techniques.
Media Chest
32H X 70W X 18D
100% Reclaimed Indian Wood
Manufactured by:
Porter International Designs
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